Using Self Storage to Upgrade Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Is there anything more satisfying than doing an intense spring cleaning routine throughout your home? The windows are open wide, the warm spring breezes seem to blow away the winter stuffiness and suddenly everything is crisp, clean and revitalized. It is a lot of hard work to get the entire home cleaned, and many areas don’t get fully cleaned because of a lack of space. That is why you may want to think about self storage as a part of your spring cleaning regimen!

How can you use self storage units as a component in the spring cleaning routine? Actually, there are many benefits from self-storage. Let’s consider the ways it can improve, enhance and upgrade the results of your spring cleaning efforts:

  • Eliminates clutter – Whether it is the souvenirs you make a point of collecting or the items that have just seemed to pile up over the winter, a small self storage unit can hold them in an out of the way place until you have time to deal with them. The main benefit is that it keeps them out of your way so you can fully clean the home.
  • Stores seasonal items – Perhaps your home has limited closet and storage space? That could mean that spring cleaning is limited by boxes, floor racks and storage containers getting in the way. Whether it is clothing, linens, or a combination of them both, you can store out of season items in self storage and do a better job of cleaning the home.
  • Sorts the yard sale items – Many people know that the first step in planning for a yard sale is spring cleaning. Room by room and space by space, you sort everything into “keep, toss, sell or give away” groupings. When you book self storage, you can put those give away and sell items out of the way until you are truly ready to get that yard sale up and running one summer weekend. This ensures you get to tackle the spaces where those items might normally be stored such as the garage or closets.
  • Holds big items – Have you yearned to really scrub the floors or even refinish them as part of spring cleaning? Maybe you want to paint rooms and ceilings but too many big pieces of furniture or rugs are in the way. The good news is that self storage lets you put these bigger items in a safe and easy to access location as you do those projects. Don’t worry about paint dripping on the Persian rug or costly sofa and don’t try to clean around that hutch or piano. Just use the self storage (and some burly movers) to help you open up the areas you wish to refinish, repaint and scrub clean.

Spring cleaning is something that only feels truly complete when you can reach the darkest corners and the most challenging spots. Shoving sofas around to vacuum and wash the floors is difficult enough. When the rooms are full of clutter or seasonal items, it becomes nearly impossible. That is why you should take time now to map out the areas in your home that will benefit from access to self storage as you begin your spring cleaning regimen.

We have an array of storage spaces ideal for spring cleaning of any kind. Whether you just need an oversized closet to store some items during cleaning or a garage sized unit for lots of items, we can help you right away.